Performance Series For Coaches

We are here to support the entire athletic community, which includes Coaching and Sports Leadership staff.
 We hope you will join us for one or all of these short topic discussions lead by our internationally educated Coaching team:

 #1 Mobility
#2 Strength & Power
#3 Game Speed

This program is geared towards Sports Coaches. The topics will be directly relevant for athletes that take the field, court or pitch.

 Let’s work together to build a stronger sporting community in Hong Kong!

What's included?

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Applied Science

A good coach never train without understanding the theories behind it! Learn how to apply the latest techniques supported by research for you athletes. 

Drills Practice

Learn by doing the drills we teach and the principles we share. We'll cover practical assessments and exercises relevant for athletic development. 

Meet New People

There will be a short networking session after each workshop. Talk to us, or other coaches and gain from the conversations!
Courses included

Performance Series For Coach

We welcome all sports and any level of coaches including team managers and leaders.
If you are working with athletes in Hong Kong, we want to connect!