Live Workshop

Advance Olympic Weightlifting Workshop 

by Lawrence Wan

Date: Every Friday in June
4/6, 11/6, 18/6, 25/6
Time: 6-8pm
Place: AQ Strong 
Price: $3500/Coach EDU $3000
Max 8 ppl 

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Message from Coach Lawrence

I hope you enjoyed and learnt more about Olympic Weightlifting in my previous Introduction Workshop. And more importantly, I sincerely hope that I raised your interest to take up this sport. 

Weightlifting is not an easy sport. Firstly, It requires adequate body conditions; strength, speed, endurance, coordination and also a positive training mentality are all equally important. Secondly, it’s about how you hone your skills. Spending enough time to understand and cultivate the technique that suits you the most is critical. It is the successful combination of body conditions and weightlifting technique that transforms you into an outstanding weightlifter. 

My job in the 4 workshops is to help you to understand more about yourself and to guide you to uncover your potential. After the 4 workshops, I am confident that you will find yourself a stronger and a more efficient weightlifter. 

Limiting to 8 people will let me give enough attention to everyone. We are going to spend the first session to understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and also discuss about technique. And then we will use the remaining 3 sessions to become better, as simple as that. I am not going to list out the things and the exercises that we are going to do because I think this is pointless. Things will change once we meet. See you in June.

MEET THE coach

Lawrence Wan

Weightlifting Coach

Lawrence has only one goal - to spread the knowledge of Olympic Weightlifting in Hong Kong. There are two main things that Lawrence wants all students to achieve from his teaching. The first one is total understanding of the principles of the sport and the second one is proper execution of both classic lifts as well as other accessory exercises. And at the same time, Lawrence will make sure to provide a good training atmosphere and to encourage students to push the limits when it is the right time.
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