Angles 90 Workshop

In this course, you will learn how to use the Angles 90 with proper setups, safety measures. There will be suggested exercises which improves the efficacy of the traditional training techniques. With detailed explanations, all training movements can be modified to suit your needs.

Workshop Outline

  • Proper set up & usage of the Angles 90
  • Traditional exercises with Angles 90
  • Advanced exercises with Angles 90
  • Lifetime access to video library


Kieron CHAN

Kieron is our Education Director and a movement master. 
His understanding of human movement and functional anatomy are the secret sauce adding flavor to all we do. His casual style and command of the classroom make him a highly sought after and entertaining educator, and his mobility class is pure joy! 

Get your Angles 90

Injury prevention, new muscle stimulation & more functional training

。Adapt any pull exercise to your biological motions!
。Made in Italy
。Length adjustable
。Certified for 180kg each grip