Live Event

Stick Fighting Workshop 

Place: AQ Strong 
Price: $1600/Coach EDU $1200

In this workshop you will learn how to use stick training to help develop their athleticism and physical fitness. Using both weapons and bare hand tactics, synchronised training drills that combine body angling and a fluidity of movement.
Stick is included.
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Benefits of Stick Flighting included:

  • Hand - Eye Coordination
  • Dynamic & stable body positioning in any athletic endeavour
  • Agile footwork 
  • Timing, Balance & Rhythm 
  • Ability to confront stress 
  • Self defence skills 
By exploring the matrix in the left and right hands and footwork in stick fighting, it will teach your body how to advance and evade, strike, cover and dissolve attacks. You will also learn how to use rhythm, and timing to have fun in sparring, playing and getting all the physical and other mental benefits from the training.
Bonus : You will learn the real world self defence skills that will keep you and those people and values you cherish, safe and secure!

James Neidlinger

James is a 20+ year coach of martial and physical culture, as a Lvl 5 Associate Instructor of Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do(截拳道) and Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu under Guru Dan Inosanto, his style of teaching brings a unique blend of ancient and modern methods to help his students learn simple, sustainable, realistic methods of looking, performing and feeling they way they want to without suffering for their success.