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Recovery Specialist EDU

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Place: Online Self Study
Price: $6449 w Installment Plan
Paid In Full: $5482
Coach EDU Special: $4386
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Why Specialize In Exercise Recovery?

As the awareness and emerging trend of recovery continues to grow, the fitness industry is realizing it is so much more than just stretching, foam rolling and scheduling rest days. Although trainers may realize the importance of emerging recovery techniques, they need a foundational knowledge of the science and the ability to make these holistic health recommendations. Applying the elements of recovery are just as crucial to training programs as the physical activity components. As a Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist, you will deliver a unified approach with clients to get them feeling, looking, and performing their best.Mastering this cutting-edge topic will send you to the top of the trainer leaderboard, and have clients turning to you as the expert in the latest fitness advancement.When you specialize in Exercise Recovery, you offer a paramount service to clients. This means you can increase your rates AND have a new, standalone service offering.
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Payment Details

  • Installment Plans - $6449
    Non-refundable deposit $2149 + 4 monthly payments of $1075
  • Paid in Full - $5482
  • Coach EDU -- enjoy 20% member discount
    Paid in Full - $4386 
  • Course delivered through
  • included textbook and online materials + exam.
Certification & Qualifications

ISSA Self Study

About the International Sports Sciences Association

The ISSA is the world leader in fitness education and delivers comprehensive, cognitive and practical distance education for fitness professionals, grounded in industry research, using both traditional and innovative modalities. Founded by leading fitness researchers, PhDs and elite practitioners, the ISSA now offers 24 fitness certifications and has certified over 400,000 trainers in 174 countries.

Our Mission
Bring healthy living to everybody in the world through education and community.

Our Vision
Connect 100M people to the power of healthy living by 2030.

Core Values
Prioritize Personal Connection
  • We Serve Others
  • We Provide Exceptional Service
  • We Build Solid Relationships
Share Wellness
  • We Promote Healthy Living
  • We Have a Reciprocal Relationship with Wellness
  • We Actively Pursue Balanced Lifestyles
Live Grit + Resilience
  • We are Scrappy and Tenacious
  • We Tackle Obstacles Head On
  • We "Get It Done"
Enjoy the Drive
  • We are Results Oriented
  • We Embrace the Sometimes Wild Ride
  • We Have Fun
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