Live Event

Certified Flywheel Trainer Course (Level 1&2)

Date: 14th Aug 2020 (Sat)
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Place: AQ Strong 
Price: $2000/Coach EDU $1600

Whether your goal is to get an edge on your athletic performance, prevent or rehabilitate an injury or improve your general health and fitness, flywheel training gives you a number of advantages. 

Our CFT include a combination of theory, practical exercises and advanced methods under professional supervision. 

Level 1: Understand the benefits of flywheel training and to be able to use flywheel training safely and efficiently. You will learn how to perform effective standard exercises.

Level 2: Understand the physiology and benefits of flywheel training and the benefits of eccentric, isometric training, and to be able to apply advanced eccentric overload methods.
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Certified Flywheel Trainer – CFT (Level 1&2)

Content and Structure
The course includes instruction on flywheel training with the kBox & kPulley, with alternating theoretical and practical elements. The concepts of strength and different forms of strength training are discussed, including neural factors, muscular factors and mechanical factors of flywheel training. Different strength training exercises with the kBox flywheel device are practiced, methods for overload and applications are demonstrated.

We recommend training clothes to be able to participate in the practical sessions. Course content and other related materials will be delivered.

     To understand the physiology and benefits of flywheel training and the benefits of eccentric training, and to be able to apply methods of load and eccentric overload.
    Covers: The fundamentals of the concept of flywheel training and its application to users and practical usage in a professional setting, such as performance and fitness
    Included: Individual certification diploma and Flywheel Training Guide
    MEET THE coach

    Kahei TSE (Coach K)

    Performance Director and leading educator

    Kahei is our Performance Director and leading educator. He guides our way to serving the athletic community with his innovative approach and practical application of coaching science in all of our programs. He has a quiet presence which pulls performance out of anyone.
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