Online + Live Event

Guided EXOS Performance Specialist Course (XPS)

Price: $16000
Super Early Bird Offer*: $14200
*payment plan available

We’re excited to offer the second batch of EXOS Performance Specialist Course experiences! This guided XPS course emphasizes the integration of live and online coaching on Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. 

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll have a mixture of online coaching , live practical training and 24 hours of online video content.

4 Online Coaching:
Time : 9-10am
Date : 7/8, 14/8, 21/8, 28/8

4 Live Practical training:
Time : 1:30pm - 5pm
Date : 3/9, 4/9, 10/9, 11/9
Location: AQ Strong Athletic Center

*Course will be taught in Cantonese, notes and exam will be in English

Super Early Bird Payment Plan:
$5000 Deposit, $4600 on 1st June, $4600 on 1st July
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The EXOS Performance Specialist Course

  • The testing, theory, and program design behind the EXOS training system
  • Movement instruction, feedback, error identification and correction, and cueing
  • Coaching and motivational science
  • How to optimize movement skill learning and transfer it to sport and life
  • Unlimited access to course materials (no expiration date)
  • Ability to jump into the Phase 2 Performance Mentorship upon completion

The EXOS Performance Specialist Course is based on sound scientific evidence and over 15 years of practical experience working with all levels of athletes, tactical operators, and Fortune 500 employees. The holistic approach assures that the athlete, client, or patient is empowered with individualized strategies on and off the training floor. Through a 8-component training system and a 4-component testing model, the EXOS Performance Specialist Course brings to life a training system that can fit any population and environment.

Available CEUs: ACSM 24, PTAGlobal 10

24 hours of online course content

  • EXOS Training System
  • Movement Preparation
  • Pillar Preparation
  • Plyometrics 
  • Acceleration
  • Absolute Speed 
  • Multidirectional Speed 
  • Medicine Ball 
  • Strength/Power
  • Energy Systems Development 
  • Regeneration
  • Testing: FMS Integration
  • Testing: Movement Skills
  • Testing: Strength/Power 
  • Testing: ESD
  • Nutrition 
  • Motivation Science 
  • Coaching Science 
  • Putting It All Together
  • Exam
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Class Schedule

Guided Performance Specialist Course

4 Online Zoom Sessions: 9am
Date : 17/8, 14/8, 21/8, 28/8

4 Live Sessions: 1:30 - 5pm
Date : 3/9, 4/9, 10/9, 11/9

Regular Price: $16000 
Super Early Bird Offer: $14200
Super Early Bird Payment Plan:
$5000 Deposit, $4600 on 1st June, $4600 on 1st July