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Mobility Instructor (IMI)
Certificate Course with Kieron Chan

100 hours Mobility Instructor Training

Coaches Club $1500* off!
AQ Strong SPC members $2100* off!

Mobility training is an essential physical training for everyone. It develops stability strength within our body over all joints which benefits from rehab training to athleticism development. 

The Integrated Mobility Instructor (IMI) is a certification course bringing exercise science & practical skills together. Using our own body as the focal point in training, this course includes all mobility tools you can find in the market to maximise your clients' result.

Practical Lectures (48 hours):
Time : 1:00pm - 6:00pm (Sat)
Date : 23/4, 30/4, 7/5, 14/5, 21/5, 28/5, 4/6, 11/6, 18/6
Location: AQ Strong Athletic Center

Practical Class (30 Hours):
Practice in SPC stability & Mobility classes^
Shadow Coaching / Co-teaching (20 Hours):
Assist/Teach in Stability & Mobility classes^
Written Exam (1 Hour):
Multiple Choices, short answers, True/False, Fill in the blank
Practical Exam (1 Hour):
Design & teach a sample class with a small group

^Please click for class schdule.

Price:  $18,900

Refundable Deposit $5000 to lock your spot now.
The remaining payment $13900 will be completed on 1st March 2022.

For SPC/ Coaches Club member discount, please contact us directly.

Please fill in the form and we will notify you for April Batch open registration by the end of the week.

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*SPC/ Coaches Club discounts require both being a SPC/ Coaches club member at the time of registration and staying an uninterrupted member until the course has started

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Integrated Mobility Instructor Course Outline

48 lecture hours

1. Concept of joints (8hrs)
  • Joint types & basic mechanics 
  • Applied arthrokinematics
  • Applied Anatomy on articulations
2. Planes of motion (2hrs)
  • 3 planes of motion in isolation & integration
  • Body position & orientation
  • Plane of stabilisation
3. Movement direction/Force direction (3hrs)
  • Concentric/eccentric contraction 
  • Movement direction perpendicualr to external forces
  • fixing active range of motion in 3D
4. Movement angles & vectors (3hrs)
  • Punctum fixum/mobile concept
  • Tissue contractile sequencing
  • Joint form closure/force closure
  • Significant responses on individuals
  • Joint movement in accordance
5. Stability for mobility (6hrs)
  • Structural & functional stability
  • Anti- (movement)
  • Proximal stability/distal mobility
  • Torque creation, progression, & regression
6. Isometrics (9hrs)
  • For a single joint
  • For a single plane
  • Synergist/antagonist ranking
  1. Primary driver
  2. Primary synergist
  3. Primary antagonist 
  4. Secondaries 
  • Opened/closed chain isometrics
  1. Low effort with assistance
  2. Closed chain for ramping up effort
  3. Opened chain for medium effort
  4. Closed chan for progression
  5. End-to-end chain transition
7. Equipments (9hrs)
  • Movement direction & force directions
  • Stability & isometrics
  • Isolations 
  • 3D movements
  • Integrations
  • Kinetic chain actions & reactions
  • Progressions & regressions
8. Coaching: (8hrs)
  • Coahcing methodology
  • Ethics
  • Coaching ques & instructions
  • coaching style
  • Marketing & business development
  • 30 Practice hours in Mobility & Stability SPC (completion before practical & written exam)
  • 20 co-teaching/shadow coaching hours (completion within 6 months)
  • 1 hour practical exam (end of March)
  • 1 hour written exam (end of March)

Certification Requirement:
- Written exam passing rate 80%
- Practical Exam : Pass/no Pass
- Lecture 80% attendance
- Practice hours 100% attendance

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Training Schedule

Practical Lectures (48 Hours):
Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm (Sat)
Date :
23/4, 30/4, 7/5, 14/5, 21/5, 28/5, 4/6, 11/6, 18/6

Practical Class (30 Hours):
Please see SPC stability & Mobility classes schedule at

Shadow Coaching / Co-teaching (20 Hours):
Please see SPC stability & Mobility classes schedule at

Written Exam (1 Hour):
By the end of July, 2022 (Sunday)

Practical Exam (1 Hour):
By the end of July, 2022 (schedule with instructor)


Regular Price: $18900 
Coaches Club: $1500 off (Login for special price)
AQ Strong SPC Members: $2100 off (Talk to us  for special price)

Refundable Deposit $5000 to lock your spot now. The remaining payment $13900 will be completed on 1st March 2022.

For SPC/ Coaches Club member discount, please contact us directly.

Enrolment Period:

Open Date: 1 st March, 2022
Spot: 16 max

Frequency Asked Question:

  • Any prerequisite to IMI training?
No prerequisite needed. It will be in your advantage if you understand human physiology, anatomy, kinesiology.
  • What's the benefit after I'm certified?
When you certified as AQAS Integrated Mobility Instructor (IMI), you can teach in group class as well as in personal training systematically. The in-depth knowledge you gained in the IMI course will upgrade you to a new level as a instructor/coach/trainer/therapist. Hourly rate can go up accordingly.
  • Any post-training support?
We are connected with organisations which in need of Mobility Coach. Job placement, part-time job, freelance job, collaboration upon request. AQ Strong can also help refer, or writing recommendation letter for you.

There is a membership community to update certified coaches quarterly. Such as specialty courses, group purchase discount, online content.
  • What would be the Next level for IMI?
Phase 2: Mobility Performance Specialist (MPS) - Advanced level after IMI. Going into the customising mobility exercise which suits individual needs. Emphasise on creating new movement strategy for rehab, wellness, & performance purpose. Involving neural aspect of human mobility quality, MPS focus on precision in programming individuals & groups with specific needs. 
This  50 hours MPS helps you to capture wider range of clientele. 

Phase 3: Complete Mobility Master (CM Master) -  This is an 50 hours neuro-performance training master with extensive knowledge about biochemical aspect of human mobility performance. MC Master will involve developing projects for specific sports, specific populations, & educational workshop for IMI / MPS certified students. Through co-developing IMI & MPS program, CM Master will bring in new modalities for their projects. After graduation, CM Master will be recognised as instructor of AQSA IMI courses & Certifiers.
MEET THE coach

Kieron CHAN

Education Director and a movement master

Kieron is our Education Director and a movement master. His understanding of human movement and functional anatomy are the secret sauce adding flavor to all we do. His casual style and command of the classroom make him a highly sought after and entertaining educator, and his mobility class is pure joy!