Live Monthly Workshop

Movement Analysis

Date: 27th Nov 2021 (Sat)
Time: 2 pm -5 pm
Place: AQ Strong
Price: $960

Coaches Club/ AP 50% off : $480

Movement Analysis is a special workshop guided by our movement master Kieron Chan. This monthly workshop will help you to develop a good pair of X-ray eyes to see through complex human movements with proper kinesiology, biomechanics, human anatomy, & movement science. 
Participants can be part of the content as a client or as a coach. Learning & discuss live cases together with people of different background is an unparalleled learning experience you never had in Hong Kong.

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Course Outline

1. Runs Monthly;

2. Use live case studies to help everyone to form a sound training strategy;

3. Guided sports movement analysis to train your coaches' eyes;

4. Help you to develop a pair of X-ray eyes for human movement;

5. Additional knowledge on kinesiology, human anatomy, & movement science!

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What our learners say

本身系物理治療出身,polyu grad., 再讀埋個手法治療, 學一堆Release skills, 最後比沙包個client踢下,以為呢行系咁上下。機緣考合下系FB報左個NKT, 即時發現自己不足既地方太多,睇人既問題系可以好多角度,diagnosis可以根據mech., 又可以neuro, 更可以emotion, 有時更加同時出現,當然仲有好多自己唔識。Diagnosis完,發現好多問題不需要release而需要motor control, correct breathing或者strength, Youtube免費有一大堆呢d訓練,試過都知,7分鐘workout解決腰背痛有用咩?又一次屎忽撞棍,報左Movement Logic ~ Shoulder, Hip, Torque, Breathing. 呢d就系我系client diagnosis後發現既一堆問題而又未能解決到既方法。每個exercise implement既原理,個7分鐘workout系咩人咩狀態下適合,唔使死記,系自己做緊個動作時去思考exercise prescription, 點樣利用breathing去串通一堆動作,呢個坑kieron掘得真系夠深。

Johnny, Registered physiotherapist

起先見到Movement Logic A,B談及Core ,有誰不知Core 是人體最重要一環,所以就報名上堂去看個究竟。

Yan, AQ Strong SPC participant
MEET THE coach

Kieron CHAN

Education Director and a movement master

Kieron is our Education Director and a movement master. His understanding of human movement and functional anatomy are the secret sauce adding flavor to all we do. His casual style and command of the classroom make him a highly sought after and entertaining educator, and his mobility class is pure joy!