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PTA Global Personal Trainer Certificate

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The PTA Global Certificate in Personal Training is the first and only Personal Training Course done in collaboration with over 24 of the world's most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators.

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The Certificate in Personal Training Course covers:

• All major exercise sciences with industry experts like Paul Chek (Digestion), Chuck Wolf (Muscular System), Michol Dalcourt (Functional Anatomy), Dr. John Berardi (Nutrition)

• A Movement System for creating and manipulating exercises in 3-dimensions inspired by industry expert,
Gary Gray and the Gray Institute
• Functional Anatomy using Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains

• Special Populations
with industry experts like Dr. Christian Thompson – professor at U of San Francisco (Older Adult), Brian Grasso – founder of International Youth Conditioning Association – IYCA (Youth), Annette Lang (Pregnancy)

• In-depth Behavior Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Communication skill development techniques and tools with ready-made questionnaires to enhance client motivation and build client-centered program design strategies.
You’ll Receive:
Permanent online access to all the educational course content on PTA Global
• 550-page, downloadable Guide to Personal Training manual
• 70-page downloadable Study Guide with over 35 learning activities to reinforce what is learned
Printable PDF notes to accommodate different learning styles and tools to use in the business
• Videos of hundreds of exercises based on movement style, so you give the client what they enjoy
• A practice exam with unlimited attempts to solidify the learning process
Three attempts to pass the online final exam
AQ Strong is the only official partner with PTA Global in Hong Kong