4 Weeks Live Workshop

Weightlifting  Summer Camp 2022

Date: Aug 16th - Sep 15th *Every Tue and Thur
Time: 5pm - 7pm 
Place: AQ Strong 
Price: $4480


於為期 4 星期嘅舉重訓練營中,你會學到高抓及高翻半挺嘅基礎技術動作及觀念,從而加強你身體嘅協調及增強爆發力。

Weightlifting is not an easy sports. It requires adequate body conditions and proper expression of your skills. 

During this 4 weeks summer camp, you will acquire the proper techniques for power clean, power jerk and power snatch to improve your coordination, mobility, strength and power. 

You will also get stronger through barbell lifts like the squat, deadlift and the press. 

*廣東話授課 Class will be conducted in Cantonese

 | 限時優惠 Exclusive OFFER | 
1. 早鳥優惠 Early Bird Offer:
八月七號前報名享 8 折優惠
Sign up before August to enjoy 20% off

⇒ $3584

2. 多人同行優惠 Buddy Offer:

帶同朋友一齊報名可享 8 折優惠
Bring a friend with you to enjoy 20% off

⇒ $358

3. 學生優惠 Student Offer*:
Enroll with student discount if you are a full time student:

⇒ $3200

*報名時需提供有效全日制學生證  Document proof of full time student is required 

Message us for discount detail ! 
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課程時間表 Course Schedule 

Date: 16/8, 18/8, 23/8, 25/8, 30/8, 1/9, 6/9, 8/9, 13/9, 15/9
Every Tuesday and Thursdays)
  • Time: 5-7pm

- 有興趣接觸奧林匹克舉重但不知從何入手
- 有舉重經驗但想了解更多有關嘅技巧


Who's it for? 

The course is suitable for those who are interested in Olympic weightlifting but don't know where to start, and even those who's been doing weightlifting but want to refine their techniques and get stronger. 

*This course is only available for those who have never joined AQ STRONG BARBELL CLUB before
MEET THE coach

Alvin Chan

S&C Coach | Weightlifter

Alvin started self-learning the olympic lifts with the materials he could find online. But he soon realised that he could only go far with self-learning, doing so also cost him a lot of injuries and setbacks. That's why he's made his way to China to learn the proper weightlifting techniques.
Now he is determined to share his love for weightlifting to the others, to share his experiences and knowledge so that they don't have to make the same mistakes he once made.
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