Practical Workshop by AQ Strong

Guided Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certification

Practical sessions
Date: November 6, 13, 27 & Dec 4
Times: 2pm - 4pm (Sat)
Location: AQ Strong Athletic Center

Online Content: Immediate Access
Price: $6900 /Coaches Club $6400

AQ Strong is proud to partner with Agatsu for this guided course.  AQ Strong will supplement the online Certification program with live workshops to ensure learners are competent in each of the key kettlebell lifts included in this course.

Since 2002 Agatsu has been a world leader in continuing education for personal trainers. We introduced Kettlebell, Indian Club and Mace training in Canada and several other countries around the world.

The Kettlebell Certification is valid for continuing education credits for all major personal trainer affiliations. In addition to learning the techniques of different kettlbell lifts, we explore contextual application, programming, supplementary work, and teaching dynamics.


The Course content and exam are delivered online.  Any supplemental work, including practice and optional live testing, are available with AQ Strong in Hong Kong.
Live Webinar will replace onsite course in case of any club mandated closures.
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What You Will Learn

  • Essential skills of Kettlbell Training & Coaching
  • Swings
  • Kettlebell Cleans, Jerks
  • Pressing & Snatch
  • Turkish Get Up
  • Windmills

Live Practical Agenda

  • Nov 06 Kettlebell Anatomy, Intro and Swings
  • Nov 13  Rack, OH Press & Kettlebell Cleans
  • Nov 20 KB Jerk & Snatch
  • Nov 27 Windmill & Turkish Get Up, Wrap Up

Certification Requirement

  • Men are expected to perform the basics taught at the course with a min of a 16KG Kettlebell. Women are expected to demonstrate the basics with an 8KG or 12KG Kettlebell.
  • A technical exam must be passed showing that each participant understands and can perform the basics of Swings, Clean, Snatch, Windmill and Turkish Get Up safely and technically. Points are deducted for safety violations such as rounding your back during the pick up of the weight for a Kettlebell Swing.
  • There is a short written exam covering the material presented over the weekend.



Shawn Mozen & Sara Lajeunesse

Shawn Mozen is the CEO and Founder of Agatsu, Inc. Shawn is the creator of all the content of Agatsu Courses along with the Agatsu Senior Instructor Team.
Shawn and Sara Clare have been travelling to Asia for more than a decade, providing expert courses and instruction throughout the region.  Please take a closer look at their extensive background and experience on the Agatsu website:

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Practical sessions led by

AQ Strong Team


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