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Integrated Mobility Online Program


Price: $ 1400
SPC Discount Price: $ 1120

Integrated Mobility training help you to be strong in any body positions & joint angles! This self-training method apply to everyone in any fitness level. with minimal handy equipments, you can unleash your physical potential to match your daily challenges!
In this 8-program series you will achieve:

- Increase muscle activations
- Increase joint resilience & activities
- Improve quality of human movements
- Bring symmetry back to your body
- Unlock usable ranges of the joints
- Largely reduce risk of injury & pain
- Effective rehab on previous conditions
- Regain your physical active from scratch
- Breakthrough performance bottlenecks
- 8 themes in one series 
- 2 sessions/wk training
- You can repeat the sessions at your own pace
- Equipments can be substituted at your needs
- Course will be conducted in Cantonese (廣東話授課)
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Phase 1 Mobility Program Outline

2 trainings per week* | 4 week each phrase
*Or customise at your own pace! 

  • Core control with shoulder & hip mobility 
  • Hip & Single Leg Focus
  • Shoulder & core integrations
  • Loaded hip control
  • Shoulder extension control & lower limb sliding movement
  • Mini bands core-complex movement integrations
  • Anti-extension movements with Hip-core integrations
  • Hip focused end-range control

Phrase 2 Integrated Mobility will continue to help you complete the journey of physical health!

Here are some of the tools you need for the class:

Shena Board
All hand-crafted in Portugal by a master carpenter and artisan
Low-friction, non-marking material slides smoothly on virtually any surface
Mini band
Effective and versatile training tool that can be used anywhere


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