Olympic Weightlifting Techniques - Beginner

Date : August - September 2024

*Flexible Class Session* - SEE FULL SCHEDULE

Place : AQ Strong
Price : $2,240 / 8 sessions

於這 8 節訓練中,我們將會用抓舉,挺舉的分解動作學習舉重。同時鞏固帶槓,支撐,上送等等舉重動作中不同的階段。

During the 8-session course, we will focus on learning the snatch and clean & jerk through various accessory lifts in Olympic Weightlifting. Additionally, we will strengthen your pulling, receiving, and jerking positions by reinforcing different phases of these lifts..

適合對象 Target Audience
有意學習舉重 或 想鞏固基本功的人士
Absolute beginners or those who want to reinforce their weightlifting fundamentals

使用期限 Package Period
開始首節課堂後起計 8 星期
Credits valid for 8 Weeks after your first class. 
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課程大鋼 Class Structure

MAIN TOPIC : 1. Pulling / 2. Receiving (overhead and front rack) - *每週輪流更換主題 Topics rotate weekly*

每個課堂都會有一個主題 — 拉或者是支撐 。在課堂裡面,你會學到跟當天主題相對應的舉重分解動作,例如抓支撐,不發力抓等等去強化你的抓舉支撐位置。亦會有類似寛硬拉、寛發力拉等等的動作去強化你的帶槓。

Each class has a theme- pulling or receiving. During the class, you will learn corresponding accessory lifts to the theme, i.e. snatch balance, tall snatch etc. to strengthen your snatch receiving positions. Other lifts like snatch pull, high pull, etc. to strengthen your pulling positions.

Training    Schedule


You can choose any 8 sessions from the schedule above, available from August to September 2024.
MEET THE coach

Alvin CHAN

S&C, Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Alvin is a passionate weightlifting enthusiast who fell in love with strength training at the age of 19. Having faced numerous plateaus and injuries early on, he is now dedicated to helping others achieve optimal results while avoiding the mistakes he once made.

Recently, Alvin competed in the International Weightlifting Competition SWI and secured the 1st runner-up position in the Men’s 73 kg Open Session!
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