AQ Strong x EXOS Collaboration Course

Performance PT Course (2 Day)

Date: 28th-29th Nov 2020 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Place: AQ Strong 
Price: $6200/Coach EDU $5600

Learn the training system, methods and coaching skills developed by two world class leaders in their fields- EXOS and AQ Strong.

This interactive course is not just another science lecture, but rather a learn by doing program which will teach existing and aspiring Personal Trainers how to apply the science and practice behind personal training into a highly successful business. 
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AQ Strong x EXOS Collaboration Course

Whether you want to coach professional athletes or find joy working with the general population, this course will help you lay the foundation for a roster of happy clients.

We’ll provide you with tools to help them achieve their fitness goals, decrease pain, and reduce injury risk — all key components of EXOS’ proven training system.Plus, you’ll learn how to keep clients engaged and excited. After all, personal training isn’t just about the results. It’s about the journey.

2 full day of immersive coaching experience packed with coaching theories and practical training skills

What you will recieved:
1. EXOS Personal Trainer Course Certificate
2. PDF Course Manual
3. Program Design Template

Course will be taught in Cantonese
Course materials will be in English
CEU : NSCA: .8, ACSM: 8, PTAG: 8

Personal Trainer Mentorship Programme

This course is part of the Personal Trainer Mentorship Program. This Mentorship provides a great opportunity to all existing and aspiring Personal Trainers to apply the science and coaching skills into a highly successful business. It is considered one of the most comprehensive PT developmental programs available. 

  • PTA Global PT Certificate (CPT)
  • EXOS Personal Trainer Course Certificate
  • 2 Days immersive theory and practical coaching
  • PTA Global CPT Prep Session
  • 1 month internship opportunity at AQ Strong
  • Online support group by PTA Global Faculty
MEET THE coach

Kahei TSE (Coach K)

Performance Director and leading educator

Kahei is our Performance Director and leading educator. He guides our way to serving the athletic community with his innovative approach and practical application of coaching science in all of our programs. He has a quiet presence which pulls performance out of anyone.
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