Self-study Course

Programming For Athletic Strength with Flyhwheel

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This course will provide you with a foundation on how to program for athletic strength with flywheels for your own and your clients. It will also touch base on Movement Based Training (MBT) and consideration for different strength qualities development. 
  • 100 % Online course
  • 95 mins crash course 
  • Prerecorded lecture videos with slides
  • PDF templates provided for creating your own programs
  • Course valid for 1 year from purchase date
  • Equipment mentioned in the course, but not limited to, are kBox & kPulley
*Course will be conducted in English
Price: $500
Coached Club Discount: $400
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Course Outline

The course consists of 5 sections

1. Constraints with Outdoor / Home Training

  • Background & common problems
  • Resistance profile & strength curve
  • Benefits of flywheel training

2. Movement Based Training (MBT)

  • Movement over muscles

3. Becoming Athletic 

  • Becoming athletic & strength qualities

4. Exercises & Programming

  • Program flow
  • Exercises and examples
  • Program design made easy
  • How to structure your program
  • Exercise variation

5. Continue to Learn More

  • Train hard, train smart and be consistent 

Program PDF Download

  • Graphs and outlines
  • Program templates  *Complete the course to unlock the template
MEET THE coach

Kahei TSE (Coach K)

Performance Director and leading educator

Kahei is our Performance Director and leading educator. He guides our way to serving the athletic community with his innovative approach and practical application of coaching science in all of our programs. He has a quiet presence which pulls performance out of anyone.
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