Live Event

PTA Global CPT Preparation Session

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Place: AQ Strong 
Price: $800/ Coach EDU $400

In accordance with latest Hong Kong government guidelines 599F for social distancing and gathering restrictions effective 02 December 2020, PTA Global CPT Preparation Workshop (6 Dec) will be postponed and here is the updated arrangement:

To help you kick start, AQ Strong will be holding a Zoom session
Topic: PTAG PREP ZOOM INTRO (30mins session)
Time: Dec 6, 2020 2 PM 
Live session make-up date TBC

PTA Global CPT is the first and only Personal Training Certificate done in collaboration with over 24 of the world's most influential and progressive Health and Fitness educators. 
In the Prep Session we will cover PTA Global CPT introduction, overview and learning objectives.
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Personal Trainer Mentorship Programme

This course is part of the Personal Trainer Mentorship Program. This Mentorship provides a great opportunity to all existing and aspiring Personal Trainers to apply the science and coaching skills into a highly successful business. It is considered one of the most comprehensive PT developmental programs available. 
  • PTA Global PT Certificate (CPT)
  • EXOS Personal Trainer Course Certificate
  • 2 Days immersive theory and practical coaching
  • PTA Global CPT Prep Session
  • 1 month internship opportunity at AQ Strong
  • Online support group by PTA Global Faculty
MEET THE coach

Kahei TSE (Coach K)

Performance Director and leading educator

Kahei is our Performance Director and leading educator. He guides our way to serving the athletic community with his innovative approach and practical application of coaching science in all of our programs. He has a quiet presence which pulls performance out of anyone.
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