Mobility Performance Program for Runners

Do you want to improve your efficiency on running and reduce chances of overuse?

The MPP Essential 2 maximize your effort and lower your chance of injury by improving your foot and ankle mobility to aid joint movement and resiliency, so every step you run is more powerful & stable. 

Improve your movement efficiency by training the necessary mobility to be a great runner. The integrated programs teach you to move well with the purpose of running better.
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Course Introduction and Preview

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Course Outline

  • Training designed for better running performance
  • Mobility flows are designed based on anatomical functions
  • Beginner and Intermediate level of Foot & Ankle Mobility Training Videos
  • Unlimited access to the training content

Mobility Performance Program includes :   

  • 2 full-length class video in multi-level programs (taught in real-time)
  • 16 mobility exercises with in-depth explanation
  • Sneak peak of the 12 weeks MPP Complete training guide 


Ivan KU

Ivan is our Youth and Community Leader and a speed specialist. An Ironman triathlete with multi-sport athletic background. His experience working with a wide range of athletes makes him our most versatile coach. His experience as a Lululemon Ambassador showcase his reassuring and ultra-friendly personality. Ivan is unquestionably our most popular coach. 


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