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Introduction to Spine Program (Elasticity Basics)

Shape your spine into a powerful axis around which you can explore and reach further for your health and sports performance 

Movement greatly impacts our posture, functional elasticity, and lifespan. Learn strategies that can help you manage and provide you resources for rehabilitation and wellness.

Experience this unique approach for spinal health based on neuroscience, coordination research, and studies of traditional forms that are hundreds of years old!

Course is conducted in English.

You can follow my work via social media: @doct8rstrange

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Course Outline

  • Stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine
  • Preserve the health of our joints and of the whole musculoskeletal system so that we enhance and sustain our mobility through time 
  • Performance is tied to diverse elements such as muscle fibers, neural control, elastic properties, distribution of loads over many joints, the respiratory system, and more 
  • Introduction to basic coordinations, power bracing and joint communication sequences including:

1/ Introductory Coordinations
1a/ What are coordinations? 
1b/ Simple arm swings 
1c/ Butterfly arm swings 
1d/ Rotational embrace 
1e/ Simple sumo squat 
1f/ Upper body and pelvis circles 

2/ Power Bracing w/ Plate
2a/ What is bracing?
2b/ Power press 
2c/ Power circles 
2e/ Single leg RDL to press
2f/ Quick steps 
2g/ Hip locking

3/ Cooperation of Joints

3a/ How are the joints cooperating? 
3b/ Spinal pull sequence
3c/ Twisting young and old tree sequence 
3d/ Feet rooting sequence

Daniel Strange

Daniel Strange, a.k.a Doctor Strange, is an Educator, Mentor & Monster. Areas of focus include Sports Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Strength and Conditioning. His work is based on Human Movement, Coordination research and Neuroscience. The goal is to perform better, last longer and live better! In order to do this, he believes the human system must have the capacity to develop an elastic body in combination with a plastic mind. 

You can follow my work @doct8rstrange


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