AQ Strong + Exxentric Exclusive!

Athletic Strength Anywhere 
— featuring kBox

Includes 包括:
  • kBox4 Lite Essentials at Home Kit 
  • 3-month kBox Strength Program
  • Live Coach Support
  • 15% off kBox accessories in our Pro-Shop
  • Exxentric Course Discount Coupons
Train the full spectrum of strength, power and metabolic with our secret ingredient - Flywheel Inertia. You'll never need to compromise your goals regardless of where you train if you have a kBox. Our complete strength program uses the foundation of Exxentric kBox4 to train the full spectrum for hypertrophy, max strength and power.

Flywheel inertia is used globally by Strength and Conditioning Coaches and is a cornerstone of AQ Strong's Strength and Power Program. The Inertia training means you can train with maximal effort and intensity using Power (Watts) as your loading metric. Since flywheel creates force through all phases (Isometric, Concentric, Eccentric) and can use high velocity the training benefits are limitless.

飛輪訓練是我們其中一個有效提高運動表現的秘密武器。kBox 提供靈活的可變阻力,令你身處何時何地都能進行全方位的肌力、爆發力以及代謝體能訓練。

目前世界各地的運動教練已廣泛地應用飛輪慣性訓練,AQ Strong 的力量及爆發力鍛練計劃同樣以此為基石。藉由飛輪慣性的原理,刺激各種肌肉收縮型態(等長收縮、向心收縮及離心收縮)讓你能夠更不受限制、更有效率地進行高強度訓練。

Price: $25200
*Installment plan available 設有分期付款計劃!

Price includes delivery to your door

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The details of what's included 詳細包括:

  • kBox4 Lite Starter Set - Blue   kBox入門套裝: 
    Small footprint* base device included with kMeter app, kGrips, Med & Large Flywheels, Hip Belt and kBar.  You will be able to do every traditional lift from the gym and then some! 
    kBox4(輕巧版),Exxentric 手機應用程式,手握帶一對,中&大型飛輪片各一片 ,訓練腰帶以及kBar
    kBox Dimension 尺寸:  闊 W 76 x 長 L 51 X 高 H 21 cm
  • 90 Days Training Program (App)  90日力量及爆發力鍛練計劃
    Log in and track every session in our training app, with videos of the exercises and instructions along with all the training variables set to follow.
    **Already have a kBox? Get the program on its own 

  • Live Coach Support 教練線上支援 :  
    Complimentary Zoom call with an AQ Coach to get you started + live support via our program app for the duration of the program.
    你的教練會於計劃開始前與你進行30分鐘視像對話,協助你理解訓練重點 + 計劃進行期間與教練進行線上對話

  • Pro-Shop Discount 網上商店折扣優惠 :   
    Get an additional 15% off any accessories in our AQ Strong Pro-Shop for your kBox Device.  Speak with our coaching team first to decide which may be most beneficial for your needs.
    於 AQ 網上商店購買任何 kBox 訓練配件即可享有85折!購買前不妨先向你的教練了解如何有效提升你的訓練

  • Official Course Discounts 課程優惠 :    
    Coupon code for our Official Exxentric Courses, including the Certified Flywheel Trainer Course and our own exclusive Programming For Athletic Strength (features kBox) course.


  • Learn how to properly train strength and power at home
  • Join the growing community using flywheel and eccentric loading to maximize their gains
  • Break through plateaus in traditional strength programs and crush your HIIT programs
  • Replace / Supplement your gym - you can do everything at home with kBox
  • Be supported by a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach from AQ Strong

We stand by it!

AQ Strong is an athletic development company and the OFFICIAL PARTNER of Exxentric in Hong Kong and Macao. Exxentric Flywheel devices are a cornerstone of our programming.  We use it daily for of our athletes regardless of age, ability or training phase. Flywheel Inertia is exceptionally versatile, can be used by anyone and is only limited by your understanding of movement science, training application and your creativity. If you want to learn more, join us for a trial sessions or join our Official Exxentric education courses. 

Some tools to level up your Flywheel training...

Foot Block

Great for multi-direction training


Squat with comfortable support

Decline Board

Great training assistance for calves and ankles

Extension Strap

Developed for overhead & pushing exercises


Ivan KU

Ivan is our Youth and Community Leader and a speed specialist. An Ironman triathlete with multi-sport athletic background. His experience working with a wide range of athletes makes him our most versatile coach. His experience as a Lululemon Ambassador showcase his reassuring and ultra-friendly personality. Ivan is unquestionably our most popular coach. 


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