Macebell Add-On

  • Mace has to be purchased along with the Mace & Gada Workshop
  • Pick up on workshop day
  • 4 & 6 kg  available at the same price
  • Place order on or before 1 Dec if you would like to pick up on workshop date (16 Dec)
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4 KG

Total length: 92cm
Handle Length: 85cm
Handle Diametre: 3.2cm

6 KG

Total length: 102cm

Handle Length: 93cm

Handle Diametre: 4cm

*For other sizing please contact us for details (+852 6763 2813


Mace & Gada Workshop with Flowing Dutchman

The day will entail fundamental principles of swinging, body positioning, foundations of the mace & gada, the most important swing techniques, and eventually the know-how of transitioning between swings.

Both beginners and advanced practitioners will benefit from this day as we will always come back to the basics, however good you’ve become. We’ll make sure to create a thick root, so you’ll be able to grow strong branches and leaves out of that root.

This knowledge is transferrable to every sort of swinging tool imaginable made from steel, wood, iron, stone, or concrete.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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