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Optimize Immunity: Utilize Eleiko’s 4 Pillars for Better Training Outcomes

Join this recored webinar to learn how to train smarter to optimize your immune system.

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Optimizing Immunity Webinar Series

Discover the impact stress has on your immune system and how proper vs. improper programming can influence your readiness and wellbeing to perform on a daily basis. 
Explore the 4 Pillars in more detail, providing you with specific actions you can take to help improve each pillar and your immune system function.
What is the immune system and how does it work
Demonstrate how to make better choices in modifying the program or training session each day to best match the person.
Provide a downloadable tool to monitor and score your 4 Pillars of readiness and wellbeing (RAW) on a daily / weekly basis to help immunity function.
CEU : NSCA 0.4 / NASM 0.3 / PTAG 3.0

About Eleiko Education

At Eleiko, we uniquely blend our free weight equipment with powerful education to deliver strength programs that get results – for you, your clients and your facility. Eleiko raises the bar for education delivering an array of programs effectively combining in-depth written course content with a hands-on emphasis on lifting proficiency, program development, and becoming a better coach. The offerings range from multi-day LIVE courses to these online modules, workshops and courses addressing specific areas of strength training such as programming for optimized immunity (performance), tactical programming considerations and strategies for getting into weightlifting for the first time or after a long break. We will soon be offering full courses including Eleiko Weightlifting Level 1, Powerlifting Level 1, and Functional Training Level 1.


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