Guided certificate course

Guided EXOS Performance Specialist Course (XPS) - Phase 1

*完成此課程方可參加 EXOS 第二階段實地考察遊學團
You can move directly into phase 2 of EXOS 3-part onsite mentorship series
2023年第二期 XPS (Phase 1) 現正開始接受報名!

EXOS Performance Specialist 課程以科學證據為基礎,從心態、營養、動態及復原四大方面提升運動員表現。配合適用於各種情況嘅常規系統,令你及客人嘅訓練質素得到保證。

為 6 週課程中除咗包括 4 節網上理論講義課程、4日實習課,亦會提供合共 24 小時網上自習內容,透過實踐詮釋理論,助同學們進一步了解 EXOS 系統嘅結構及原理。

The first batch of EXOS Performance Specialist Course in 2023 is accepting enrolment now!
This guided XPS course emphasizes the integration of live and online coaching on Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. 
Over the course of six weeks, you’ll have a mixture of online coaching , live practical training and 24 hours of online video content.
  • 100+ learners 

    Enrolled in 2 years
  • 4 hours

    Theory Lecture
  • 14 hours

    Practical Session
  • 24 hours

    Online Material


If you have completed the online XPS course but want to refresh your memory / experience the theory in practice. You may join the practical sessions only with the revision offer! 

WhatsApp +852 6763 2813  for further details :)!

XPS 美國遊學團 | 


AQ Strong Academy 將廿於 10 月份籌辦 EXOS Performance Specialist
 第 2 及第 3 階段遊學團,即到以下網站查詢詳情!

*參加者需先完成第 1 階段 XPS*

The EXOS Performance Specialist Course - Phase 1

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  • The testing, theory, and program design behind the EXOS training system
  • Movement instruction, feedback, error identification and correction, and cueing
  • Coaching and motivational science
  • How to optimize movement skill learning and transfer it to sport and life
  • Unlimited access to course materials (no expiration date)
  • Ability to jump into the Phase 2 Performance Mentorship upon completion

The EXOS Performance Specialist Course is based on sound scientific evidence and over 15 years of practical experience working with all levels of athletes, tactical operators, and Fortune 500 employees. The holistic approach assures that the athlete, client, or patient is empowered with individualised strategies on and off the training floor. Through a 8-component training system and a 4-component testing model, the EXOS Performance Specialist Course brings to life a training system that can fit any population and environment.

Available CEUs: ACSM 24

24 hours of online course content

  • EXOS Training System
  • Medicine Ball 
  • Regeneration
  • Movement Preparation
  • Strength/Power
  • Nutrition 
  • Pillar Preparation
  • Energy Systems Development 
  • Motivation Science 
  • Plyometrics 
  • Testing: FMS Integration
  • Coaching Science 
  • Acceleration
  • Testing: Movement Skills
  • Putting It All Together
  • Absolute Speed 
  • Testing: Strength/Power 
  • Exam
  • Multidirectional Speed 
  • Testing: ESD
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2023 XPS Phase 1
課程表 Class Schedule

網上課堂 Online Zoom Sessions
時間 Time:9am - 10am
日期 Date :  July 9、16、23、30 

實習課堂 Live Sessions
時間 Time: 1:30pm - 5pm
日期 Date :  August 19-20、26-27 

*課堂會以廣東話進行 Classes will be conducted in Cantonese


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